abort verb STOP (பெண் வகையில்) கருச்சிதைவு உண்டாக்கு

1. [ T ] to cause something to stop or fail before it begins or before it is complete
The plan/flight had to be aborted at the last minute

abort verb END PREGNANCY

2. [ T ] to stop the development of a baby that has not been born, usually by having a medical operation
Do you think it’s wrong to use aborted foetuses for medical research?
3. [ I ] another word for miscarry
See at miscarriage
abortion noun
he intentional ending of a pregnancy, usually by a medical operation
She decided to have/get an abortion.

Abortion is restricted in some American states.
abortionist noun
a person who performs abortions to end unwanted pregnancies, often illegally and for money
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