accord noun [ C or U ] ஒற்றுமை , சம்மதம் , உடன்பாடு , இசைவு , ஒப்பந்தம் , பொருத்தம் ;

1. (a formal) agreement
On 31 May the two leaders signed a peace accord.

Before 1987, the accord between the Labour government and the unions was a simple affair.
The project is completely in accord with government policy.
2. of your own accord
If you do something of your own accord, you do it without being asked to do it
She came of her own accord. No one asked her to come.
3. with one accord formal
If people do something with one accord, they do it together and in complete agreement
With one accord, the delegates walked out of the conference.
accord  verb [ T ] formal

to treat someone specially, usually by showing respect
[ + two objects ] The massed crowds of supporters accorded him a hero’s welcome.

Certainly in our society teachers don’t enjoy the respect that is accorded to doctors and lawyers.
accordance adj ஒப்புதல்
accordingly adverb அதற்கிணங்க
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