by 1 preposition ஊடாக , அதனால்,

1 very near same meaning beside:

The telephone is by the door.
They live by the sea.
2 a word that shows who or what did something:

a painting by Matisse
She was caught by the police.
3 using or doing something:

I go to work by train.
He paid by cheque.
You turn the computer on by pressing this button.
4 as a result of something:

I got on the wrong bus by mistake.
We met by chance.
5 not later than same meaning before:

I must finish this work by six o’clock.
6 from one side of somebody or something to the other same meaning past:

He walked by me without speaking.
7 used for showing the measurements of an area:

The table is six feet by three feet (= six feet long and three feet wide).
by 2 adverb


She drove by without stopping.

by the way கூட
by now இதற்குள்
by then அதற்குள்
by word , பழமொழி
by ஊடாக , அதனால்
by path , கிளை வழி
by order , ஆணைப்படி
by chance , தற்செயலாக
by laws , துணைவிதிகள்
by tomorrow நாளை வரை!
By Default உள்ளிருப்பால்
by proxy , பதிலாள் மூலம்
by and large , மொத்தத்தில்
By default – உள்ளிருப்பால்
by lane , குறுக்குச் சந்து

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