daring adjective துணிச்சலுள்ள

not afraid to do dangerous things:

  • a daring attack
same meaning brave
dare verb (dares, daring, dared )

The negative is daren’t /[email protected]/ or don’t dare or doesn’t dare: They daren’t ask her for any more money. • He doesn’t dare tell anyone that he’s broken a window. In the past tense it is didn’t dare.

dare do something to be brave enough to do something:

I daren’t tell Mum that I’ve lost her key.
I didn’t dare ask for more money.
dare somebody to do something to ask somebody to do something dangerous or silly to see if they are brave enough:

I dare you to jump off that wall!
don’t you dare words that you use for telling somebody very strongly not to do something:

Don’t you dare read my letters!
how dare you words that show you are very angry about something that somebody has done:

How dare you speak to me like that!

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