Arabian Eyes
Image by mnadi via Flickr
eye noun கண்,

one of the two parts in your head that you see with:

  • She’s got blue eyes.
  • Open your eyes!
catch somebody’s eye

1 to make somebody look at you:

  • Try to catch the waiter’s eye the next time he comes this way.
2 If something catches your eye, you see it suddenly:

  • Her bright yellow hat caught my eye.
in somebody’s eyes in the opinion of somebody:

  • Richard is 42, but in his mother’s eyes, he’s still a little boy!
keep an eye on somebody or something to look after or watch somebody or something:

  • Will you keep an eye on my bag while I go to the toilet?
see eye to eye with somebody to agree with somebody:

  • Mr Harper doesn’t always see eye to eye with his neighbours.
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