hurt 1 verb (hurts, hurting, hurt, has hurt)  புண் காயம் , தீங்கு செய் ,வருத்தம் உண்டாக்கு காயப்படுத்து , நோவு.

1to make somebody or something feel pain:

  • I fell and hurt my leg.
  • Did you hurt yourself?
  • These shoes hurt – they are too small.
2to feel pain:

  • My leg hurts.
3to make somebody unhappy:

  • I never meant to hurt your feelings.
which word?

Hurt or injured? These words are similar in meaning. We usually use injured when someone has been hurt in an accident.

hurt 2 adjective

1physically harmed same meaning injured:

  • Was anyone hurt in the accident?

  • I was very hurt by what you said.
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