knock verb தட்டு , இடி , மோது,அடி அல்லது மோது.

knock 1 verb (knocks, knocking, knocked )

1to hit something and make a noise:

  • I knocked on the door, but nobody answered.
2to hit something hard, usually by accident:

  • I knocked my head on the door.
  • She knocked a glass off the table.
knock somebody down, knock somebody over to hit somebody so that they fall onto the ground:

  • The boy was knocked down by a car.
knock something down to break a building so that it falls down same meaning demolish:

  • They’re knocking down the old houses.
knock somebody out to make somebody fall asleep or become unconscious:

  • The blow knocked him out.
knock something over to hit something so that it falls over:

  • I knocked over a vase of flowers.
knock 2 noun

the action of hitting something; the sound that this makes:

  • I heard a knock at the door.

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