need 1 verb (needs, needing, needed) தேவை, நாடு , நாட்டம், தேவையுள்ளவனாயிரு ,வேண்டு , வேண்டியிரு

1If you need something, you must have it:

  • All plants and animals need water.
  • You don’t need your coat – it’s not cold.
2If you need to do something, you must do it:

  • James is very ill. He needs to go to hospital.
  • ‘Do we need to pay now, or can we pay next week?’ ‘You don’t need to pay now.’
need 2 noun

a situation in which you must have something or do something:
the growing need for new books and equipment

  • There’s no need for you to come.
  • She’s in need of a rest.

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