love affair

love affair noun காதல் விடயம்

a romantic or sexual relationship between two people who love each other but who are not married
love 1 noun

1(no plural) the strong warm feeling you have when you like somebody or something very much:

  • Their love for each other was very strong.
2(plural loves) a person, a thing or an activity that you love:

  • Who was your first love?
3(no plural) a word in the game of tennis that means zero:

  • The score is 15-love.
be in love with somebody to love somebody:

  • He says he is in love with her and they are going to get married.
fall in love with somebody to begin to love somebody:

  • He fell in love with Anna the first time they met.
love, love from (informal) a way of ending a letter to somebody that you know well:

  • See you soon. Love, Peter.
love 2 verb (loves, loving, loved )

1to have a very strong warm feeling for somebody:

  • I love him very much.
  • She loves her parents.

opposite hate

2to like something very much:

  • I love skiing.
  • I would love to go to America.

opposite hate

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