wrong 1 adjective பிழை, தப்பு , தவறு , தவறான , பிழையான 

1not true or not correct: 

  • She gave me the wrong key, so I couldn’t open the door.
  • This clock is wrong.
opposite right
2not the best: 

  • We took the wrong road and got lost.
opposite right
3not as it should be, or not working well: 

  • There’s something wrong with my car – it won’t start.
  • ‘What’s wrong with Judith?’ ‘She’s got a cold.’
4bad, or not what the law allows: 

  • Stealing is wrong.
  • I haven’t done anything wrong.

opposite right


wrong 2 adverb 

not correctly; not right: 

  • You’ve spelt my name wrong.

opposite right

go wrong 

1to not happen as you hoped or wanted: 

  • All our plans went wrong.
2to stop working well: 

  • My watch keeps going wrong.


wrong 3 noun (no plural)

what is bad or not right:

  • Babies don’t know the difference between right and wrong.

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