yes adverb ( informal yeah , also yep , also yah ) ஒப்புதலைத் தெரிவிக்கும் ஆம் என்ற சொல், ஆம், ஆமாம்

1. used to express willingness or agreement
  • “Would you like a glass of wine?” “Yes please.”
  • “Do you like Thai food?” “Yes, I love it.”
  • “He’s a really nice guy.” “Yes he is.”
  • “Report to me at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.” “Yes, sir.”
  • “Have you had enough to eat?” “Yes, thank you.”
  • If you’d say yes (= agree) to the request you’d save a lot of trouble.
2. used to show that you are listening to someone, or that you are ready to listen and to give them an answer or information
  • “Dad.” “Yes, what do you want, honey?”
  • Yes, can I help you?
3. used when you are disagreeing with a negative statement
  • “I’m not a very good cook though.” “Yes you are – you make wonderful food!”
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