yet  adverb UNTIL NOW இன்னும், இதுவரை, இருப்பினும்

1. still; until the present time
  • I haven’t spoken to her yet.
  • He hasn’t finished yet.
  • “Are you ready?” “Not yet – wait a moment.”
2. the best/worst, etc. yet
the best or worst, etc. until now

  • Of all the songs I’ve heard tonight, that’s the best yet.
3. as yet
formal until and including this time
  • We haven’t needed extra staff as yet, but may do in the future.
  • No ambulances had as yet managed to get across the river.
yet adverb IN THE FUTURE

4. from now and for a particular period of time in the future
  • She won’t be back for a long time yet.
  • Our holiday isn’t for weeks yet.
5. have yet to
If you have yet to do something, you have not done it
  • They have yet to make a decision.
yet  adverb EVEN NOW

6. even at this stage or time
  1. We could yet succeed – you never know.
  2. You might yet prove me wrong.
  3. He may win yet.
yet  adverb MORE

7. used to add emphasis to words such as another and again , especially to show an increase in amount or the number of times something happens
  • Rachel bought yet another pair of shoes to add to her collection.
  • I’m sorry to bother you yet again .
  • He’s given us yet more work to do.
yet  adverb , conjunction

(and) despite that; used to add something that seems surprising because of what you have just said
  • simple yet effective
  • He’s overweight and bald, (and) yet somehow, he’s attractive.
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