zap  verb  DESTROY அழி

1.  informal to destroy or kill something or someone, especially intentionally
  • They’ve got the kind of weapons that can zap the enemy from thousands of miles away.
  • figurative We’re really going to zap the competition with this new product!

zap  verb -pp- GO QUICKLY விரைவு!

2. [ I or T usually + adverb or preposition ] informal to go somewhere or do something quickly
  • Have I got time to zap into town and do some shopping?
  • George zapped through his homework and rushed out to play football.
  • There are now over a million American fax machines zapping (= sending quickly) messages from coast to coast.
3. [ I usually + adverb or preposition ] mainly US informal to use an electronic device to change television channels quickly, sometimes to avoid watching advertisements
zap  noun [ U ] mainly US informal ஆற்றல், சக்தி
energy and enthusiasm
  • She needs to put a bit more zap into her performance.
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