question 1 noun வினா , கேள்வி

1 something that you ask:

  • They asked me a lot of questions.
  • She didn’t answer my question.
  • What is the answer to question 3?
2something that you need to deal with; something that is being discussed:

  • The question is, how can we raise the money?
  • It’s a question of time – we need to finish the work today.
in question that we are talking about:

  • On the day in question I was in London.
out of the question not possible:

  • No, I won’t give you any more money. It’s out of the question!
question 2 verb (questions, questioning, questioned )

1 to ask somebody questions about something:

  • The police questioned him about the stolen car.
2to feel doubt about something:

  • She told me she was the child’s mother so I didn’t question her right to be there.

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