twist verb (twists, twisting, twisted) முறுக்கு , திருகு , முறுக்கம் , திருப்பம் , திரித்துக் கூறு

1 to change the shape of something by turning it in different directions; to turn in many directions:

  • She twisted the metal into strange shapes.
  • The path twists and turns through the forest.
2to turn something with your hand:

  • Twist the lid off the jar.
3to turn something round another object many times:

  • They twisted the sheets into a rope and escaped through the window.
4to hurt part of your body by suddenly turning it in a way that is not natural:

  • She fell and twisted her ankle.
▶ twist noun:

  • the twists and turns of the river
  • She gave the handle a hard twist.

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