use 1 verb (uses, using, used ) பயன்படுத்து , உபயோகப்படுத்து , உபயோகி

1to do a job with something:

  • Could I use your telephone?
  • Do you know how to use this machine?
  • Wood is used to make paper.
2to take something:

  • Don’t use all the milk.
use something up to use something until you have no more:

  • I’ve used up all the coffee, so I need to buy some more.
use 2 noun பிரயோகம், பாவனை, கையாளுதல் , உபயோகம்

1(no plural) using something or being used:

  • This pool is for the use of hotel guests only.
2(plural uses) what you can do with something:

  • This machine has many uses.
3(no plural) the opportunity to use something, for example something that belongs to somebody else:

  • I’ve got the use of Jim’s car while he’s on holiday.
it’s no use doing something it will not help to do something:

  • It’s no use telling her anything – she never listens.
make use of something to find a way of using something:

  • If you don’t want that box, I can make use of it.
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