run 1 verb (runs, running, ran /, has run) ஓட்டம் , ஓட்டப்பாணி , ஓட்டத்தொலைவெல்லை , ஓட்டநேர அளவு , ஓட்டப்படிமுறை , ஓட்டச்சுற்றுமுறை , சுற்றுவட்டமுறை , விரைநடை , சிறிது தூரப் பயணம் , நடமாட்டம் , ஊடாட்டம் , ஒழுங்க்கு , கசிவு , வீச்சு , ஒழுக்களவு , இயங்குநிலை , இயங்குநிலை நீட்டிப்பு , இயங்குகா.

1 to move very quickly on your legs:
  • I was late, so I ran to the bus stop.
2 to control something and make it work:

  • Who runs the business?
3 to work:

  • The car had stopped but the engine was still running.
4to go; to make a journey:

  • The buses don’t run on Sundays.
5to move something somewhere:

  • He ran his fingers through his hair.
6to pass or go somewhere:

  • The road runs across the fields.
7to flow:

  • The river runs into the North Sea.
run after somebody or something to try to catch a person or an animal same meaning chase:

  • The dog ran after a rabbit.
run away to go quickly away from a place same meaning escape:

  • She ran away from home when she was 14.
run into somebody to meet somebody by chance:

  • Guess who I ran into today?
run into somebody or something to crash into somebody or something:

  • The bus went out of control and ran into a line of people.
run out of something to have no more of something:

  • We’ve run out of coffee. Will you go and buy some?
run over somebody or something to hit a person or an animal with your car or other vehicle:

  • The dog was run over by a bus.
run 2 noun

1moving very quickly on your legs:

  • I go for a run every morning.
2a point in the games of baseball and cricket:

  • Our team won by two runs.

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