acquaintance noun அறிமுகமானவர் , பழக்கம் , சாதாரணமான சினேகம் , சுமாரான பழக்கம்.

somebody you know [countable] someone you know, but who is not a close friend:

relationship [singular, uncountable] a relationship with someone you know, but who is not a close friend:

  • They developed an acquaintance over the Internet.
  • You can’t judge her on such short acquaintance (=when you have not known her long).
  • My uncle did not improve on further acquaintance (=when you knew him better).
make somebody’s acquaintance formal to meet someone for the first time:

  • I should be delighted to make Mrs McGough’s acquaintance.
  • At the hotel, I made the acquaintance of a young American actor.
4knowledge[uncountable] formal knowledge or experience of a particular subject

acquaintance with

  • The practice of a lawyer requires acquaintance with court procedures.
have a passing/nodding acquaintance with something (=have only slight knowledge or experience of something)

  • He has a passing acquaintance with a lot of different subjects.
of your acquaintance
formal a person of your acquaintance is someone that you know:

  • The poems were written by various women of her acquaintance.
on first acquaintance formal when you meet someone for the first time:

  • Most people are nicer than you think on first acquaintance


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