bal $_zp_conf_vars; $conf = array(); /** Do not edit above this line. **/ /**********************************/ /*////////// zenPHOTO Configuration Variables /////////////////////////////// For most installations Setup will copy this source and make the necessary changes to it. Unless this fails you most likely have no need even to read this file. If for some reason setup.php is not able to edit the configuration file and you cannot fix the file/folder permissions so that it can then you may have copy the source file to the zp-data folder and make changes here manually. Advanced installations may wish to modify the album folder definitions below. Also on some servers zenphoto has problems correctly determining the WEB path and SERVER path. For these cases you will need to implement the path overrides below. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////*/ //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Database Information //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// $conf['db_software'] = "MySQLi"; /** for historical reasons these fields reference mysql even though the database ** ** might be a different software **/ $conf['mysql_user'] = "narutomaki"; $conf['mysql_pass'] = "uzumaki"; $conf['mysql_host'] = ""; $conf['mysql_database'] = "narutomaki"; // If you're sharing the database with other tables, use a prefix to be safe. $conf['mysql_prefix'] = "uzumaki"; // If you are having problems with displaying some characters you may have to change // the following: $conf['UTF-8'] = true; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Required options //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // location of album folder. // 'album_folder' is the name of the folder for the zenphoto albums. // 'album_folder_class' determines how to interpret 'album_folder': // 'std' -- the folder must be a simple name. It resides in the root // of the zenphoto installation. // 'in_webpath' -- the folder must be the full path of the album folder from // the WEB root of the zenphoto installation. The WEB root of // your installation is the folder where your browser looks // if the link is just your domain (no folders). // 'external' -- the folder must be a full server path to the album folder. // Images within an external folder are not visible to web // browsers, so certain features such as flash players cannot // display them $conf['album_folder'] = '/albums/'; $conf['album_folder_class'] = 'std'; // Server Protocol $conf['server_protocol'] = "http"; // Change this to "https" if you use an HTTPS server (a "https://..." url) // Otherwise you should leave it at "http" // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Zenphoto special URL rule definitions // // for further documentation see the rewrite.php doc block // $conf['special_pages'] = array( 'page'=> array('define'=>'_PAGE_', 'rewrite'=>'page'), 'search'=> array('define'=>'_SEARCH_', 'rewrite'=>'page/search'), 'archive'=> array('define'=>'_ARCHIVE_', 'rewrite'=>'page/archive'), 'tags'=> array('define'=>'_TAGS_', 'rewrite'=>'page/search/tags'), 'news'=> array('define'=>'_NEWS_', 'rewrite'=>'news'), 'category'=> array('define'=>'_CATEGORY_', 'rewrite'=>'news/category'), 'news_archive'=>array('define'=>'_NEWS_ARCHIVE_', 'rewrite'=>'news/archive'), 'pages'=> array('define'=>'_PAGES_', 'rewrite'=>'pages') ); // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Path Overrides //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Uncomment the following two lines ONLY IF YOU'RE HAVING PROBLEMS, // like "file not found" or "not readable" errors. // These allow you to override Zenphoto's detection of the correct paths // on your server, which might work better on some setups. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // define('WEBPATH', '/zenphoto'); // define('SERVERPATH', '/full/server/path/to/zenphoto'); //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// $conf['security_ack'] = 2; /** Do not edit below this line. **/ /**********************************/ $_zp_conf_vars = $conf; unset($conf); ?>
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